First, I gotta tell you, I don't know why you're
here when there are so many other, more interesting
places on this site.  Having said that, I'll give you
a general run-down of who I am and why I'm here.

I am a "baby boomer," and have been interested in the
areas covered here for virtually all my life (eg:  I
bought my frst set of Tarot cards when I was 12).  The
paraormal has always fascinated me, and my library on
the subject is extensive.  I became interested in UFOs & Crptozoology at about the same time---around age 13-14---
when UFOs and Bigfoot began to be sighted in the Missouri Ozarks.  My grandparents lived there, and I would spend my
summers with them---alternately looking at the heavens and 
being terrified that Bigfoot would sneak up behind me
as I stood gazing skyward.

As I grew older, I continued my search, but supplemented
it with knowledge.  An avid reader, I read everything---good, bad, and downright ridiculous---I
could find on subjects most people consider to be
"strange," "bizarre," or just plain "whacky."  While
in college, I studied psychology, sociology, and history,
while continuing my other "private" studies.  Because of this, I am able to use the things I learned about human
perception, sociological values, and historical trends to critically analyze the information I still seek so voraciously about the mysteries of our world.

The reason I have chosen to feature the pages which appear on this site is because they meet one or more of the following criteria:  they  (1) are educational, 
(2) are entertaining, (3) have excellent links, or
(4) are truly bizarre.  I will, of course, be updating,
adding to and altering each area as I discover new and interesting places to visit.  I may even make my own research available in the future---always assuming
I have a whole lot of time to kill and I'm really, really bored!  

OK---you've spent enough time with me.  Now go check 
out my favorites!