For all you folks out there who occasionally wonder about me, I have finally decided to put together an online photo album. Here, you can see me (past & present), my daughter ("Ironorkid"), my cats, and one of my resident ghosts. I started out with a page of "thumb-nails" to click on, but unfortunately, it takes for-absolute-EVER to load. So I made this page with hyper-links to click on, instead. Many thanks to JR for doing the scans & uploads!


1. The obligatory "cute kid" picture.


2. On the way to a location shoot of the Hallmark Hall of Fame remake of the Gary Cooper classic, "Friendly Persuasion." I am obviously deep in thought as I attempt to get into character (a Civil War streetwalker)......or maybe I'm just concentrating on not tripping over my skirts as go down those steps! A bit of (ego-deflating) movie trivia: I was cast in the role because of all those who auditioned, I was the only one who could fit into that dress.

3. Freezing my butt off in a warehouse on Kansas City's River Quay, waiting for my scene to be called at 2 a.m. on a cold January morning. Note the "Princess Leia" hair-do---2 years before the first Star Wars flick was released! hmmmmmmmm......

4. The obligatory "cheesecake" picture. Me as a Kansas City Chief's Chiefette, and my sister was a "mini-Chiefette." (Sort of like the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, but more "wholesome" LOL)

5. As Jeanne, the flirtatious French maid in a stage production of Moliere's "A Doctor in Spite of Himself." I normally don't wear this much make-up.

6. The Clan MacLeod from a stage production of the musical "Brigadoon." I'm the one on the left, with brown hair. The girl on the right was known as "Trish the Dish." hmmmmmm....wonder why? (In case anyone cares, the dark haired fella is Kevin, and the blond guy is affectionately known as "Uncle Philly.")

7. Another cast-mate from "Brigadoon," on whom I had a HUGE crush! LOL! He is much better known today as Stephen King's "Lawnmower Man" (Jeff Fahey).


8. The obligatory "glamour shot." Can you tell I'm tired of all the picture-taking?


9. My "Robert Plant Poodle Hair-do" phase, also known as the "big hair" pic........It just seemed like the right thing to do at the time, okay?! (Today my hair is much longer, and straight.) You know, judging by the look on my face, I evidently thought the photographer was a real....ummmm....jerk.

10. Rafting on the Deschuttes River, Oregon---I'm the one without a visible oar. This was taken shortly before I stood up---oar raised over-head---letting out a war-whoop as we went over a class 4 waterfall in "Pinball Alley."


The many faces of Heather:

1. Hippie/Grunge Heather. She couldn't decide between the two, so she did both at once.

2. Rasta Heather. The night before the Science Fair---I think working on all those tesselations sent her brain off to "Don't Worry, Be Happy" land!

3. Hollywood Heather. This was taken at her birthday party at London's Planet Hollywood.

4. Leather Heather. When we returned home from the UK, Heather decided to exhibit a more cosmopolitan attitude.

5. Prom Heather. Or, as she calls it, "Barbie" Heather. (I think the boy's parents probably called it "Devil with a red dress on" Heather.)

6. Graduate Heather. As you can see, graduating from high school has had quite a sobering affect on her.


1. Flotsam, Queen of the Universe!

2. Rascal and Jetsam sharing a plate of tuna. Jetsam is the 4' long-hair, and Rascal is the shrimp who terrorizes the household. Jetsam is Rascal's hero. Rascal is Flotsam's mortal enemy---sorta like Garfield and Nermal.

3. The cats like to rearrange the Christmas tree ornaments after we go to bed. (Like we won't notice! LOL) And, of course, Jetsam will never give up his quest for the perfect branch to sleep on.

4. One of our resident ghosts, which decided to join in Christmas pictures one year. What do you see?

Again, a HUGE thank you to JR for the scans and uploads!

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